The Application Process

We've streamlined our application process to be as efficient as possible. It all starts with a tour of the campus which we believe is the best way to understand what makes Valley Prep so special.


Steps to Apply

1. Schedule a campus tour.


2. Complete and return application documents including the application for admission and a copy of your child’s previous school records (if applicable).


3. Schedule a classroom visit for your child and pay the non-refundable assessment fee of $100.


4. The admission committee will review your application and supporting documents.


5. The Director of Admissions will notify you of your child’s acceptance, welcoming them into the community.

Readiness Assessment
The most important step in the application procedure is when your child visits the school (step 3).  During this full (or partial) day visit, your child will experience a typical day at Valley Prep, allowing the teachers to observe his/her interaction with the other students. During the day, your child will also complete an assessment which includes age-appropriate reading, writing, and math exercises.  While the results of this assessment are not the sole determining factor in a child’s acceptance or non-acceptance, it does provide important feedback to ensure proper grade-placement.

Criteria for Acceptance

In addition to the Readiness Assessment, other important factors determining acceptance include:  Review of previous school records (if applicable); feedback from the previous school (if applicable); date of birth; and your child’s own expression of interest in joining Valley Prep (older children will be asked to complete a Prospective Student Questionnaire).  During the visit, the teacher(s) is observing the your child to determine how well they interact with the other children in the classroom and also to determine their degree of cooperation and interest in learning.

Age Requirements

Preschool students must be three years of age by September 1 of the year they are applying to attend school.

Pre-Kindergarten students must be four years of age by September 1 of the year they are applying to attend school.

Kindergarten students must be five years of age by September 1 of the year they are applying to attend school.


Upon acceptance, please submit your child’s birth certificate, Immunization record, Physician’s Report (including TB clearance) and Request for Transcript form.

The Enrollment Contract will be sent to you electronically and will be due along with the registration fee of $1,000 to reserve your child’s seat (payable in the front-office).

Register with Smart Tuition, LLC to setup a tuition billing plan.

Complete the Emergency Information Form.

Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten families must also complete the Childcare Packet.