Preschool-Prekindergarten-Kindergarten:  $11,362

1st – 5th: $12,444

6th – 8th: $13,526

Scholarships are available (see below)

A non-refundable deposit of $1000 per child is required to reserve a seat.  This deposit is paid directly to our Business Office upon completion of enrollment contract (not Smart Tuition) and will be deducted from the total tuition amount.

A sibling-discount is available

Tuition payments are collected through Smart Tuition, LLC, which charges an annual administrative fee.  All families are required to register with Smart Tuition, LLC® regardless of the payment plan selected.

Valley Prep partners with A.W.G Dewar Inc. to provide tuition refund insurance, which is required for the 10-month payment plan.  The cost of the insurance is included in the stated 10-month tuition rate.  In the event of a breach of the tuition contract, the insurance ensures that your financial obligation does not exceed 50% of the remaining balance.  Tuition insurance is also highly recommended, but not required, for the one-payment plan (for an additional fee of approximately 3.2%, arranged through the Business Office).

Valley Prep partners with Your Tuition Solution Inc. to offer educational loans.  Families choosing to finance tuition payments through Your Tuition Solution will select the one time pay rate and then make monthly payments directly to this financial third party.


Morning and evening extended day care is available (7am to 6pm). For students in our preschool and pre-kindergarten programs, daycare is included with tuition. Due to licensing requirements, pre-registration is required to determine staffing needs. For K-8 students, two daycare options are available:

  1. Pay the discounted amount of $1800 (sibling discount is available) for the entire year no later than Sept 1.
  2. Receive monthly bills for occasional usage ($8 per hour, which includes a late-afternoon snack).

Other significant fees not included in tuition

  • Laptops are required for 2-8th grade students
  • Daily lunch (approximately $6 daily) – paid monthly directly to Progressive Catering for Kids
  • Uniforms purchased through True Grits (approximately $250 annually)
  • Overnight (mandatory) fieldtrips in 4-8th grade – Costs will vary yearly.
    • Fourth Grade – Sacramento:  $1200*
    • Fifth Grade – Pali Institute: $600
    • Sixth and Seventh Grade – Either Joshua Tree, Catalina Island, or Colorado River:  $1200
    • Eighth Grade – Washington D.C.:  $2500*

*Paid directly to a 3rd party educational tour company

Financial Aid

New families requiring financial assistance are encouraged to apply through the SMART-AID.  Returning families are required to re-apply each year before April 1st.  The school uses the information provided by SMART to determine the amount of assistance which can be provided.  The maximum per-family award is 50% of the annual tuition.  The average per-family award is 25% of the annual tuition.  It is the responsibility of all applicants to follow the procedure and provide the documents as required by SMART.  Only families who complete this procedure will be considered for assistance.  The school does not guarantee that the same level of assistance will be provided annually.