Our philosophy is based upon four key tenets:

VPS shift the focus of the instruction from the teacher to the student. The teacher becomes the facilitator, thereby encouraging students to become independent thinkers.

Active Learning is a hands-on and project-based approach that better engages students by providing them with opportunities to make connections across curriculum.

Holistic education is based on the premise that each student finds identity, meaning, and purpose through connections between areas of study; between school and home; and between school and community, extending outward to include the whole world.

VPS believes every child deserves the opportunity to thrive in an enriching school environment with limited distractions. Students are encouraged to express themselves, but within an overall structure allowing them to remain focused on learning.

Valley Preparatory Graduates Will Be:

Effective Communicators Who…

  • Demonstrate ability to read, write, listen and speak accurately and analytically to a diverse audience.
  • Utilize technology to enhance effective communication.

Critical Thinkers Who…

  • Identify, assess, analyze and integrate resources and information.
  • Use information to reach logical and constructive decisions.
  • Develop solutions to problems and formulate recommendations based on sound reasoning.
  • Apply complex problem-solving processing and critical thinking to real-life scenarios while cooperating and collaborating with others.

Life-Long Learners Who…

  • Develop academic skills to succeed in future educational and vocational opportunities.
  • Pursue intellectual, artistic, and physical endeavors.
  • Assess needs and learning styles, apply appropriate strategies, and utilize these effectively to set and achieve goals.
  • Accept responsibility for own behavior and actions.
  • Demonstrate ability to complete assignments and projects independently.

Productive Citizens Who…

  • Contribute time, energies and talents to improve the quality of life in our school, community nation and world.
  • Promote mutual respect, appreciation and acceptance among people of different backgrounds, cultures and abilities.