Field Trips

Field trips are considered an integral part of our overall curriculum and allow students to have real-world experiences which reinforce their classroom learning. Particular emphasis is given to the following trips:

Fourth Grade

A four-day trip to San Francisco and Sacramento is the highlight of the program.  While on this trip, students experience camping, pioneer living, panning for gold, and visit a wide variety of historical places.

Fifth Grade

A three-day trip to the Pali Institute situated in the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains, minutes from Lake Arrowhead. Here, students participate in an outdoor education school and science camp.

Sixth and Seventh Grade

Students from these two grades join together for a multiple-day excursion to such destinations as the Colorado River, Joshua Tree National Park, or Catalina Island.

Eighth Grade

Students travel to Washington DC to reinforce their studies of US History and to better understand our democratic process.

8th Grade Catalina