Meet our Alumni

Anjali Bharne, MD

Valley Prep –  Class of 1991

University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine –  Class of 2004

Anjali is a board-certified hematologist and medical oncologist. She treats a wide range of cancers, including lung, breast, head and neck, gastrointestinal, urologic and hematologic malignancies, as well as benign hematologic disorders. .

Nicole Stephenson

Valley Prep – Class of 2004

UCLA – Class of 2008, Double Major B.A., Spanish & B.S., Political Science

Pepperdine Law – Class of 2015, passed the bar in July 2015

Nicole is currently employed with Hanger, Steinberg, Shapiro & Ash, ALC in Woodland Hills, Ca, doing insurance defense litigation work.

Favorite class at Valley Prep: “Spanish. I loved the unique and fun projects. I remember filming an episode of ‘Extreme Makeover’ in Spanish, and creating a spanish restaurant and spanish menu. While at UCLA I was able to test out of the Spanish language classes and go straight into the cultural classes such as Cinema and Literature which were taught completely in Spanish. Though challenging, I felt prepared after having the foundation that VPS gave me. I learned to love learning at VPS and am eternally grateful for the role it had in shaping the person I am today.”